New iPro 8000 SLA machine Architectural Model

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New iPro 8000 SLA machine

High quality 3D-Printing
Build volume 750x650x550 mm
Accurate / Strong /  Transparent

Pin terminal
Vacuum Casting
Customer: VanBerlo Studios

Architectural Model

Spray Painted Black/Transparent
Design UNstudio Amsterdam

Architectural Model
Theater Spijkenisse
Stereolithography and Spraypaint
Customer: UNStudio Amsterdam

Vacuum Casting in Bronze
Customer: Peter jansen

    "The strength of RP2 is the combination of modern technology
    and craftmanship

    Mike de Winter, director

    • Company


      RP2, Expert in prototyping and small series production

    • 3D-Printing


      With 3D-Printing it is possible to make parts directly from a 3D-CAD drawing. The parts are build layer by layer without using special production tools like injection moulds.

    • Vacuum Casting

      Vacuum Casting

      Using Vacuum Casting it is possible to produce small series of copies from a master pattern. This technology is interesting if you need prototypes at short term to be used in functional tests or to serve as visual models. Vacuum casting can be an economic production technique even when a small amount of products is required. The required master pattern can be produced using Stereolithography or Polyjet.

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